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About The Phoenix Fleet


The Phoenix fleet was created year 2409 by the United Federation of Planets while in all out war with the Klingon Empire and its allies. The Phoenix Fleet was created at the time of war to protect the federation and its borders. To explore new worlds and encounter new life forms and most utterly keep the peace in the galaxy.

Welcome, I am Fleet Admiral Taurik J Shepherd one of the Commanding Officers of the Phoenix fleet. We are a friendly english speaking fleet that is based in Europe but we seek members from all over the Globe. Everyone is welcome, the hardcore, the none hardcore players and Role players. The fleets rules are simple, don't harass and be rude to other members, we want to keep a good reputation and to excel in all aspects of the game to become a powerful fleet in the star trek universe but most of all have a good time and enjoy the community, make new friends and meet new people. Feel free to join us and become a part of the Phoenix fleet.

Live long and Prosper.


-----End transmission-----



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